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China 10 1000 meters below the low-altitude airspace will be moderately open



China 10 1000 meters below the low-altitude airspace will be moderately open


   It seems no need to worry about no-fly, and pay attention to safety, to avoid people and more places, airports and other important places, about a few friends die, find a quiet place to Shuangfei. Want to flex its muscles in China, the development of low-altitude field bosses can also be prepared, the future market outlook is certainly very great. The following is the original content.


According to the "Liberation Army Daily" reported that the closing of the national low-altitude airspace management yesterday, "the Chinese low-altitude airspace open this year," the news from the beginning has been "just listen to the stairs ring, but not people down," to the end of the year, Reform work conference, the reform into the deep water and the crucial period, to promote the development of navigation industry and to meet the needs of the public as the goal, improve the legal system, the maximum make an inventory of low-altitude airspace resources to promote the rapid and healthy development of general aviation industry. Meeting to determine the true high one thousand meters below the airspace classification management orderly release.

 By the State Council, the Central Military Commission Air Traffic Control Committee (hereinafter referred to as "the State Air Traffic Control Committee") organized the national low-altitude airspace management reform work conference, closed in Beijing yesterday. Reporter learned from the meeting, China is currently in Shenyang, Guangzhou flight control area, Hainan Island, Changchun, Guangzhou, Tangshan, Xi'an, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Kunming, Chongqing flight control sub-area is really high 1000m airspace management reform pilot, And strive to push the country in 2015, marking China's low-altitude airspace resource management from extensive to fine to change.

  It is reported that this means that China will be open next year, low-altitude control, allowing private airspace below 1000 meters, without the military's approval. CAAC had previously said that this means that by 2035, China needs to train about 500,000 civil aviation pilots to meet market needs, and now only a few thousand Chinese civil aviation pilots.

  Analysis, the market for China's low-altitude airspace has been open to have greater expectations, and from the perspective of future reform, the development of general aviation has become a management consensus. If the future comprehensive low-altitude airspace management reform, will accelerate the development of general aviation industry, and promote navigation manufacturing, air traffic control, operation, maintenance, training and other aspects of development, related industry chain company is also expected to benefit directly.


According to the person in charge of the State Air Traffic Control Committee, since August 2010 the State Council, the Central Military Commission issued "on deepening China's low-altitude airspace management reform views", opened the full development of low-level resources, promote the development of navigation since the prelude, air traffic control system Class airspace management, with the consideration of regional factors and navigation characteristics, 122 control airspace, 63 surveillance areas, 69 reporting areas and 12 low-altitude visual routes are classified for low-altitude airspace classification management, deepening the reform pilot, The communication requirements, the type of flight and liability obligations, the initial exploration to form a set of new low-altitude airspace management and institutional mechanisms. At the end of last year, there were 189 navigable enterprises and 1,654 naval planes of all types, and the construction of a national aviation industry base was completed. In the end of last year, China's aviation industry had achieved a rapid growth rate of more than double digits. 10, the local aviation industry park 26, navigation has become a new growth point of the national economy.

  Reporter learned from the meeting, in order to make the navigation smooth and safe, the pilot areas to implement navigation activities centralized management, smooth approval channels, optimize the approval link, shorten the approval time, an effective solution to the past navigation users, especially private users can not find the door to declare the program , Touch the road and other issues, to avoid the long approval, reducing the difficulty of coordination and improve operational efficiency.

  Low-level reform involves a wide range of security responsibility, need to be administered according to law. According to the meeting, air law has been included in the national legislative plan, and strive to enter the legislative process next year, "General Aviation Flight Control Ordinance" "Airspace Use Management Regulations" and other laws and regulations to amend the formulation, also made substantial progress. In addition, the meeting also discussed the "low-altitude airspace use management regulations" "unmanned aircraft flight management regulations" "management system of air traffic information service station system" and "visual flight aerial map management regulations" and other draft regulations.

  Vice Premier Ma Kai, Deputy Chief of General Staff Qi Jianguo, Vice Minister of the General Armament Department Liu Sheng and other leaders and representatives of nearly 200 people attended the meeting.

5 years after the operation of Chinese aircraft will be more than 5,000 aircraft


In 2010, China's State Council and the Central Military Commission issued the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of China's Low-altitude Airspace Management. Since then, China's ATC has carried out the pilot reform of "two districts and one island" and "two districts and seven districts" Around the improvement of airspace resource utilization, classification of airspace, simplifying the approval process, grasping the operation and management, construction of aviation service security system, etc., to promote the development of China's general aviation industry to ensure flight safety.

  At the Zhuhai Airshow held this month, 19 aircrafts of all kinds of AVIC aircraft were signed, and the number of "Dragon" AG600, Cirrus SR2X, Kitty Hawk 500 and Yunwu B was up to 145. As Asia's largest airline, China Southern Airlines announced this week to Zhuhai helicopter branch restructuring, the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiary of China Southern Airlines General Aviation Co., Ltd., registered capital of 1 billion yuan.

  4 years, China's navigable enterprises, navigable aircraft rapid growth in 2013 navigation flight hours than in 2010 increased by nearly 500%. According to the Chinese Civil Aviation Authority predicted that five years after China's operational aircraft will be more than 5,000 aircraft, the total demand for domestic general aviation will reach 15.5 billion US dollars.

  As a reform pilot of low-altitude airspace management and the host city of the world's fifth largest air show, Zhuhai is the best portrayal of China's low airspace reform steadily. "In May this year, Zhuhai - Yangjiang - Luoding visual transition flight route to achieve the first flight.As of October 16, through the navigation flight service station to declare the flight plan to reach 139 flight sorties." Zhuhai Vice Mayor Wang Qingli said, Covers an area of ​​99 square kilometers of Zhuhai Aviation Industrial Park planning and construction, industrial development achieved remarkable results.


According to Xi'an Vice Mayor Qiao Zheng, as of the end of October Xi'an General Aviation Industrial Park in the field of 13 flight units, 37 in-flight aircraft, the average monthly flight of 800 sorties, accounting for 43% of the total northwest navigable flight.

  Wang Zhiqing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority of China, said that low-altitude airspace reform pilot achieved very good results. The first is to stimulate the enthusiasm of investment in navigation. Since the pilot reform, the annual growth rate of navigation enterprises and aircraft reached more than 20%. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to develop a general aviation industry development planning or general airport layout planning, there have been over a hundred general aviation industrial park.

  "Classification of low-altitude airspace, try to distinguish between different models of classification management, in the history of China's airspace management is the first time, for general aviation users to facilitate the use of airspace, greatly enhance the low-altitude airspace operating efficiency.As the first low- Route, Zhuhai - Yangjiang - Luoding route opened, the industry responded well. "Wang Zhiqing said.

  With the development of navigation constraints of the main policy bottlenecks, that is, low-altitude airspace gradually opened, as the market main body, enterprises are increasingly active. As the only navigable listed companies, CITIC Liu Tiexiong, general manager of the sea, said the company fleet from 38 in 2010 to the current 55, an increase of 45%; flight volume from 23,000 hours in 2010 to 2013 Year of 31,500 hours, an increase of 37%.

  Wang Zhiqing said that the development of China's general aviation faces restrictions, not just airspace resources. According to the China Civil Aviation Authority data, China is currently only 65 general airport and more than 300 temporary take-off and landing points, only 2% of the United States; fixed base operators only 4; general aviation aircraft used in Lanzhou only gasoline refinery production. China urgently needs to solve the problem of shortage of oil supply, short-board of guaranteeing ability, shortage of professionals and so on.

  "It is expected that by 2020, China will operate more than 5,000 aircraft, general aviation operations to reach 2 million hours per year, the average annual growth rate of 19%, the total value of domestic demand for general aviation will reach 15.5 billion US dollars.General aviation is a potential Huge, urgent development of new industries and new economic growth point.

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    • Wang Zhiqing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Authority of China, said that low-altitude airspace reform pilot achieved very good results. The first is to stimulate the enthusiasm of investment in navigation. Since the pilot reform, the annual ...