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Notice of company relocation


Notice of company relocation

Dear Customer:


   Thanks to your long-term support and cooperation with the company, the company expressed sincere gratitude to all staff!

   As a result of business development and expansion of the Company's scale, the Company will relocate its new address with effect from 28 April 2016 (contact details are attached). We apologize for any inconvenience this company caused you during the relocation process. I will be the Secretary for the relocation of a new starting point, and further to provide you with better products and services, and your common development, and once again thank you for your long time to give the company's support and cooperation!

new address:2/F,Building 1, Guangfeng Industrial Park,Second Industrial Estate,Jiuwei New Village,Xixiang Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China

TEL:86 755 291600262912003629120056

FAX:+86 755 29120016

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the relocation of the company and your company, and please understand!

Hereby notify!







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