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Unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time "fly" into the "two sessions" NPC deputies to take aerial photography motion to Beijing


Unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time "fly" into the "two sessions" NPC deputies to take aerial photography motion to Beijing



(Xinhua News Agency, "China Network" reporter Tong Fang) to aerial, to delivery, to marry, to save people ... ... but you know? "Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, March 3, Recent frequent in the public view of the UAV can also help deputies "fulfill their duties." March 3, National People's Congress, Geological Hazard Prevention and Geological Environmental Protection, State Key Laboratory of Huang Runqiu will be a special "aerial motion" to Beijing, the motion not only the results of detailed text research, as well as no one Machine with a large number of aerial photographs of field trips. This is the first unmanned aerial aerial "fly" into the country "two sessions."

"UAV aerial photography is very new, very intuitive, vision is also very broad, I think related to nature, the environment of a class of scientific investigation, the use of aerial form will give the audience more shocking visual impact, impressive. Creative very good, but also very suitable for our motion. "HuangRunQiu said.

It is understood that Professor Huang Runqiu and Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Meteorology experts, geological disaster prevention and geological environment protection of the State Key Laboratory of researchers together for the entitled "on accelerating the development of meteorological disaster prevention law motion" baked long Up to six years of research, and unmanned aerial photography is the geological disaster prevention and protection of geological environment, the State Key Laboratory of researchers and "Xinhua News Agency issued" client photographers completed.

February 28, Professor Huang Runqiu and his party came to the Xinhua News Agency, Mianzhu City, Sichuan Province, Qingping Township Wenjiagou debris flow disaster site for the motion to do the last inspection and aerial photography.

Mianzhu City, Qingping Xiang Wenchuan earthquake is a very serious earthquake, the earthquake has led to a large number of mountain shaking, rock broken loose, coupled with super-heavy rain after the earthquake frequent, the region occurred multiple mass debris flow disasters. Among them, the evening of August 12, 2010 to 13, super-heavy rains caused Wenjiagou debris flow disaster scale reached 540 million cubic meters, is the largest earthquake triggered by one of the debris flow.


"In recent years, the occurrence of super typhoons, heavy rainstorms, Blizzard, regional severe drought, high temperature heat waves, low temperature rain and snow and other severe weather disasters frequently break or close to historical extremes.Although the disaster can not be avoided, but through effective meteorological disasters Defense measures to avoid or mitigate the loss.Currently, China's national level, there is no meteorological disaster prevention laws, accelerate the development of the introduction of meteorological disaster prevention law, is particularly important and urgent. "Huang Runqiu wrote in the motion.

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